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Boston Massachusetts Family Photography | Family Christmas Portraits

November 25, 2016

I love the Arnold Arboretum, it's an amazing space with winding paths and hundreds of trees. I had the best time shooting this couple and their beautiful little girl for their Christmas photos!

We have so much going on in our busy lives, but it's important to capture the events around us. Taking pictures isn't enough though, I would encourage you to get those photos up on your walls, or into albums. It’s something I've struggled with and you can imagine how many photos I take of my family...let’s just say, it’s in the tens of thousands! :)

Moms (and dads) I know it's easy to be the one taking these pictures, but it's important to be in them too. As the years pass by, your children will appreciate that they have something to remember you by as well as the special event.  I'm so happy this couple reached out to me, because I think we were able to create some really lovely memories.

I love that this cutie brought her doll with her to our session and I welcome stuffed animals or dolls. I'll do my best to incorporate those into the session so that the children feel involved while having a lot of fun!

We really lucked out at the Arboretum, we came across a pretty little tree that had perfect throwing leaves! They were in great condition and ended up photographing really well.  :)  It took zero coaxing on my part to get the little girl to start throwing leaves with her parents, and capturing her resulting smiles really made my day!  Here are some of the photos we took together!

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